Chairman Message

Chairman Ex.Board Message

Engineering Education has undergone many conceptual changes since its establishment as a discipline of serious study, innovation and research after the industrial revolution. The "Twentieth" century brought in an attitude of scientific analysis involving engineering systems and education became more "WHY" dominated, more science based.

Knowledge of "Know-why" is better than merely knowledge of "Know-how" became the catchword. Innovations were still important, but problem solving became more and more science driven. Education and training will not worry about "WHY" but "WHY NOT" and "HOW BEST". This century, I feel will visualize the infusion of technology into engineering.

Today, technological society is synonymous with a tinkering culture, where every individual has basic technical skills and can take care of simple things. I feel our engineering education system is facing a number of challenges and hardships, be it trained faculty, curriculum design, quality system assurance, lab facilities up gradation, resource crises or management transformation, which need identification and steps for alleviation.

The future is promising and let us make a joint endeavour to mould the institute enriched with a long tradition and scientific achievements into a temple of learning, widening the horizons of science and technology in service to the community and society.

Rameshwar Ji Patel